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Welcome to Certified Court Classes.  All of our classes are court-accepted, online, self-paced, and have a no-fail format.   That means you can take the test as many times as necessary.  All students will be issued a complimentary Certificate of Completion.  .  
No Hidden Fees!  Certificates are always FREE and included in our price.  They will be issued once you have completed the class.

You may have found us by virtue of court order; or perhaps you and your loved ones decided that it is important to get more information about potential solutions for life's problems.  Whatever brought you to this point, you can be assured that you will have a healthier life concept once you have completed your self-help program.  

We are dedicated to making this process as simple and painless for you, the participant, as possible.   Our self-help, informational classes have resulted from years of extensive research, studies and interviews.  

Our most popular classes are listed on our website.  However, if you are in need of a class that is not listed here, please e-mail us at
info@certifiedcourtclasses.com.  It is likely that we have what you need or can customize a class to fit your needs.  We also offer many of our classes in Spanish. (Se Habla Espanol)

Classes Offered:
Please choose the class you are interested in from the categories listed below:                        

Anger Management Class Online                        
Anti-Theft Class Online
Shoplifting Class Online
Drug and Alcohol Driving Awareness Online
Drug Awareness Class Online
DUI / Alcohol Awareness Class Online
Parenting Class Online
Domestic Violence / Battery Class Online

Please Note: All of our classes are informational products offered as a tool for self-help.  None of our products can or should be used as a replacement for psychological services, legal services or other professional services.  Our team has conducted a vast amount of research to provide you with the most current, accurate information available.  We have been accepted in courts nationwide and often receive referrals from many Judges, Probation Officers and Attorneys.  However, it is the participant's responsibility to verify with his or her court or probation office that this class will be sufficient in fulfilling the needs of his or her specific court order.  Every court is different and every situation is unique.  We have no way to know your unique set of circumstances and cannot be responsible for ensuring that you are following the guidelines of your court order.



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